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Terms and Conditions for SAT
1. **Love and Respect**\: Members of this community are expected to treat one another with love, respect, and kindness, in accordance with the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself (**Leviticus 19:18**). Any form of disrespectful, harmful, or abusive behavior will **not** be tolerated. 2. **Scripture-Based Discussions**\: Discussions within this forum should be grounded in Scripture and the principles found in Torah. Participants are encouraged to provide scriptural references to support their viewpoints and engage in respectful dialogue regarding differing interpretations. 3. **Sabbath Observance**\: As a Torah observant community, we **honor the biblical Sabbath** (from Friday evening to Saturday evening) and recognize it as a time of rest and worship. Keep in mind that individuals _may_ have different interpretations and practices regarding **days of worship**, so discussions should be conducted with **sensitivity** and **understanding**. 4. **Sensitivity to Dietary Laws**\: The Torah includes dietary laws, and members participating in food-related discussions should respect and adhere to these guidelines. Keep in mind that individuals _may_ have different interpretations and practices regarding **dietary laws**, so discussions should be conducted with **sensitivity** and **understanding**. 5. **Content Guidelines**\: Submissions and discussions should relate to RV travel, torah observance, homesteading, scripture and Christianity. Please refrain from sharing or promoting content that is vulgar, offensive, or contrary to biblical principles. Avoid engaging in overly political or divisive discussions that are unrelated to the purpose of this subforum. 6. **Privacy and Confidentiality**\: As a community, we value and respect individual privacy and confidentiality. **Do not** share personal information about fellow community members without their consent. Any breach of privacy or confidentiality **will not be tolerated**. 7. **Moderation and Enforcement**\: Moderators have the authority to enforce these terms and conditions. They may _remove_ any content that violates these guidelines and may take appropriate action, including _issuing warnings_ or, in extreme cases, **suspending** or _permanently banning_ members who repeatedly violate the terms. By participating in this community, members **agree** to abide by these terms and conditions. These guidelines are meant to foster a supportive and uplifting community.

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